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August 26, 2009
Commuting Tax Benefits Help
Employers Recruit, Retain Talent
The offerings typically enable workers to cut their commuting costs by an average of 30% and reduce their taxable income.

Some Firms Tell Workers
To Get Healthy or Pay Up

Health-care costs may increase for employees who have unhealthy habits and don't participate in wellness programs.

Taking Time Off From Work
Without Fearing a Pink Slip

The law known as FMLA has enabled millions of people to temporarily leave their jobs for personal and family health reasons since it was enacted in 1993.

Too Much 'Colleague Spam'
Inspires New Sorting Tools

Email overload is now considered a much bigger workplace problem than traditional email spam.

Firms Step In to Help Cover
Employees' Relocation Costs

The housing slump is prodding some companies to cover losses on some workers' home sales.

Some Health Plans Let Companies
Recoup Employees' Medical Costs

A collision with a truck left Deborah Shank permanently brain-damaged. Her family won a $700,000 settlement, but most of it will go to her former employer.

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