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More High-Level Execs
Opt for Telecommuting
Once primarily the domain of lower-level and technical employees, telecommuting increasingly is moving into the senior management ranks, as more professionals are trading the corner office for a desk at home.

Tales From the Trenches:
Balancing Work and Family

Achieving a work-life balance has become an ever more challenging task, especially for the increasing number of people who work across time zones. Here's a closer look at some of their stories.

It Pays to Take Time Off
From E-Mail Communication

While no one can dispute that e-mail is an office necessity, conquering your inbox can be a time-consuming task. Here's how one company enforces a weekly ban on e-mail.

How Brainstorming Sessions
Can Lead to Harrassment Suits

In the 1980s, regulations were enacted outlawing the creation of a "hostile work environment." Yet these laws could punish workplace discussion that's central to the professional mission of an enterprise.

Should You Take a Risk
With a Successful Career?

When an established writer opts to relocate for his wife's career, his own professional path becomes uncertain. While options abound, so do potential pitfalls.

Older Employees Become
Much-Coveted Commodities

With an unprecedented number of people set to step out of the work force, the threat of an employee shortage is forcing companies to rethink their hiring strategy. Some employers are even introducing special perks to retain and recruit older professionals.