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August 26, 2009
Online Services Move to Level
The Playing Field for Recruiters
Some Web sites are making it easier for small search firms to land assignments from big companies.

Tips for Finding Recruiters
Who Specialize in Your Niche

See resources and strategies for identifying search executives who concentrate in your field, so you can offer yourself as a candidate.

New Tools Emerge
For Frazzled Recruiters

Find out how search professionals are using the Web to discover and connect with job hunters.

Tips for Making the Most
Of Working with Recruiters

Business is improving at executive-search firms. Find out how you can cultivate relationships that may benefit your career.

Senior Hiring Improves
In Surprising Industries

These are heady days for recruiters, as companies are spending more on hunting for talent, Marshall Loeb writes.

Reaching Out to Recruiters
As You Work Your Way Up

You can begin cultivating successful relationships with job matchmakers -- if you take the right approach.

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