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August 26, 2009
~ What's New ~
 Pilot Program Aims to Train
Spanish-Speaking Doctors
A 14-month initiative at UCLA taps into the surplus of medical-school graduates in Latin America to address the chronic shortage of U.S. doctors who speak Spanish.

Behind the Rush to Recruit
Women to Norway's Boards

A 2003 law requires publicly traded companies in Norway to have a certain number of women on their boards, says Joann S. Lublin.

Where Yellow's a Fashion No-No
For Globe-Trotting Professionals

A friendly smile will do no good if your business-travel wardrobe makes you look like a rube, says columnist Christina Binkley.

How Can I Defuse Tensions
With a Difficult Manager?

Perri Capell on assessing the relationship and coming up with a plan to improve your job satisfaction.

Don't Slow Your Job Search
During the Holiday Season

Perri Capell on why it's a myth that hiring slows down between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

DIVERSITY ISSUES: What It's Like for Women At the Top of the Ladder

RETURN TO SCHOOL: Why Women Refrain From Pursuing M.B.A.s

SURVIVE A CRISIS: English Teachers in Japan Learn a Harsh Lesson

 ~ CareerJournal Reports ~
 THE TOP BUSINESS SCHOOLS: Recruiters' M.B.A. Picks: Read full coverage of The Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive Business School Survey, including expanded academic rankings.

 ~ Interactive Quizzes ~
 Job-search strategies: Do you place too much importance on your resume?
 Are you a workaholic?: Learn whether your dedication to work is healthy or harmful.
 Anger management: Can you keep your attitude from harming your career?
 Self-esteem: Can confidence boost your career?
 Job satisfaction: What's keeping you from changing careers?
 Activist quotient: Are you in control of your career?
 Listening skills: How well do you listen?
 Delegation: How well do you measure up as a manager who can delegate?
 Flexibility: Learn whether you tend to be flexible or uptight.

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